Remote Support

If your broadband internet IS working, but there is a problem with your PC, we may be able to fix it without even coming out to you. With your permission, we can access your computer from our offices, and diagnose/fix many types of problems. If we cannot fix it via remote support, time spent trying to fix it remotely will be creditted to a related service call. All remote support must be scheduled, so give us a call, and we will try to help you ASAP. If we were recently at your home, or office, and you need a follow-up, give us a call, and using the same remote support tools we can cross our t's and dot our i's while you watch us work.

PC and Printer Troubleshooting

Is your PC giving you trouble? Are you having trouble connecting to the internet? Getting unexpected errors when opening your tried and true applications? Whatever the problem, give me a call, and we will come to your home, or office, to figure out the solution. Is your printer grabbing a whole stack of paper and than jamming? As printers age the parts that grab the papers and send them through the printing mechanism can fail. The typical scenario is a printer that grabs too many pages, or continually jams. If you are having the problem, give me a call. It is usually a simple repair.

Network Installation

Do you have more than one PC? With a Home, or Small office network you can share your internet connection, share printers, and even share files. We have installed wireless, and wired networks in homes and small offices throughout Montgomery County, and we can come to your home or small office to install one for you.

A network installation can begin with a free site survey, where we come to your home, or office to see what you have, and discuss what you want to do. If you are interested in a wireless network than the site survey also includes testing with my equipment to determine if wireless will be practical at your location.  After the site survey, you will get a firm estimate, so that you have a full understanding of the hardware and software costs.

CAT5 Telephone to Ethernet Conversion

Many new homes have been wired with network ready CAT5 wiring. In many cases the Cat5 wiring (which could be used for a home network) was used by the builder for the telephone wiring. Many people these days use wireless Telephones! If this sounds like you, we can convert your CAT5 telephone wiring to an Ethernet data network.

Network Repair

Are you having trouble with an existing network. Is your wireless connection intermittant, are you having trouble staying connected to the internet? Are some, or all of your jacks dead? If you are having trouble with your network, you need to call an expert.

PC Setup

Did you just get a new PC, but you are not sure how to set it up, or how to connect to the Internet? We would be happy to help you.

No job too large or small!

If it has to do with networks, or computers we can help you, or find someone who can!