Meet Bob Mann

Meet Fernando Madriz


Meet Bob Mann - he has over 20 years of experience in technology

I have been working with computers and networks for over 20 years. I have worked on nationwide computer and network installation projects for Fortune 100 companies, but I prefer to work one on one, face to face with residential or small business customers.

In addition to working in IT in large organizations, I spend time teaching adults to use and manage computers. Although many would call me a geek, I pride myself in being able to put away the complex technical jargon, and instead try to explain things in simple language understandable to those with other interests. I enjoy hopping in the WatzaMobile for service calls to head out to meet new customers, or old friends.

I am an expert at troubleshooting the Windows operating systems, software problems, and PC hardware problems. I am also expert at both wired, and wireless networking, and have installed residential and small business networks across the DC Metro area. 

I formed Watza, Llc in March 1999 to bring the computer and network experience I gained from working in large corporations to you. Over that time, I have been able to grow the WatzaNetwork? service from an idea to a successful business. A big THANK YOU goes out to my family and of course all of you customers who have helped make WatzaNetwork? successful!

Fernando MadrizMeet Fernando Madriz

I have been working on computers since 1990, way before Windows 95 and the first Pentium chip hit the market. My father was one of the pioneers of clone computers in my country (El Salvador), he owned his own computer company where we put machines together and configured them for sale. Growing up around my family business was a great learning experience, and from it grew my passion for computers. I really enjoy working to keep up with the latest technology; every time something new comes out, I like to figure out how it works.

At some point, I realized that the computer industry was for me. I decided to make a career of it. I have worked with desktop and laptop computers with all kinds of processors and operating systems, as well as data networks of different types and configurations. PC's, Macs, switches and routers, file and print servers, all the different kinds of technologies. I have also done my share of customer service assisting people with their computer problems over the phone, and have taught computer lessons to people at all levels of computer literacy.

Working with people is something I always enjoyed, I consider myself a people person and always aim to understand the concerns of our customers to provide them with a solution that will make (and keep) them happy. Every customer call is a different challenge, but our goal stays the same: ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and doing our best to ensure their computer problems don't come back.