Standard Charges

Our hourly rate for in person support is $90/hour, with a 1 hour and 20 minute minumum. When possible we will give a fixed quote, or a fixed cap for a given job. Site surveys for networks installations within the Main Service area are free.

We now also offer remote support. We recently purchased software allowing you to invite us to remote control your computer. Devin has had great success removing viruses, fixing e-mail problems, etc. Simply put, if your computer starts up, then we might be able to help you via remote support. Although we provide the same quality support remotely as we do in person, our costs are less, so we pass that savings on to you.

Remote support is $30 for each half hour. In cases where we are unable to solve the problem remotely, and have to show up in person, we will credit your remote support charge towards the in person charge.

Please also see WatzaStore?. For our pricing on various computer and networking components.


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